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Gallery 3: Paradisus Iudaeorum, 1565–1648

The story of the most influential Jewish community in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569–1772) is presented in a panoramic film and dramatic scale model of Kraków and nearby Kazimierz. King Jan Olbracht had moved Jews from Kraków to Kazimierz in 1495 – the Jewish neighborhood is highlighted on the upper right of the model. However, some Jews continued to do business in Kraków, and several even served at the royal court as physicians and bankers. Become a walker in the city at touchscreens along the model, where you can tour the Jewish community and its institutions, visit six synagoguesSynagogue(Yiddish: shul) – house of prayer. Traditionally, men and women sit in separate sections., all of which still exist, meet RabbiRabbireligious leader of a Jewish congregation who is qualified to resolve issues on the basis of Halakhah. A rabbi heads the Jewish court (Hebrew: bet din, Yiddish: bezdin), teaches Torah, performs marriages, and certifies that foods conform to the requirements of kashrut. Moses Isserles and other luminaries, and explore Christian-Jewish relations.

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